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This will help determine what carrier your iPHONE is locked to.

Next Tether Activation Policy Description:?France Bouygues.



This DOES NOT unlock your iphone.?

This is example of info given after processed:

IMEI: 01283700625XXXXX
Serial Number: 5K141HG8A4T
Part Description: IPHONE 4 32GB BLACK
Product Version: 6.0
Coverage Status: Out of Warranty
Coverage End Date:
First Unbrick Date: 27/10/11
Last Unbrick Date: 27/10/11
CTN: 14074032271
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: France Bouygues.
Lock Status: Locked

This information is usually important to see if phone is Unlocked or Locked as well as showing what provider the phone is locked to and more.

We will NOT refund if you bought this information by mistake, we have been clear on what you will get with this service. Thanks

Price : $1.05USD

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